Scissor Lift Inspections: When should I do them?

There are multiple types of aerial lifts. There are boom lifts, scissor lift, and vertical lifts. Inspecting an aerial lift gives you the opportunity to better understand its anatomy and operation. Inspecting is also a required process to keep up with the standards set by regulatory bodies. During the process, you use your operator’s manual to work through checking a series of components and functions. This helps you know that the machine you are operating is safe!

Aerial lift inspections should take place daily, periodically, and yearly. Pre-shift inspections are completed by the operator each day. Periodic inspections happen every 150 hours the lift is used, or every 3 months, whichever comes first. Yearly inspections are required every year, no later then 13 months past the previous inspection date.

Don’t forget these inspections and take them seriously. If they are not completed, a Mobile Operating Platform (MEWP) that worked just fine up until now could seriously injury or kill you and other employees by breaking, malfunctioning, or tipping over.

Daily Inspections

Before beginning a shift at work, the aerial lift operator should inspect each component of the lift to make sure it is functioning properly. The operator should mainly check for dents, cracks, leaks, tire pressure, fuel levels, and other obvious problems. These inspections help the operators to check for any hazards that would compromise their safety and the safety of those around him.

Periodic Inspections

As we mentioned above, periodic inspections take place every 150 hours that the MEWP has been in use. If it is not used for that long very often, an inspection should be done every three months. These inspections should be preformed by an aerial lift mechanic that deals with the specific make and model of the aerial lift you are using.

Yearly Inspections

As with other equipment and motorized vehicles, a MEWP must be inspected each year by a certified aerial lift mechanic specific to the model of aerial lift you have. This inspection must happen every year no later than 13 months from the last inspection.

Always inspect your aerial lift! Keep up with maintenance, assess damage, and ensure it is safe before you reach high into the sky to preform your work.


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